Hugh Mc Enaney


I want to tell you some more about me

and how I can be of service.

I’ll start with I am from Ireland, live in Russia,

married to Olga & our daughter ,Alexandra, was born on my Birthday in 2016.

You can email me at

or contact me via social media .

Call me at +79263757002

See you soon, Hugh.


My Story

I started working as a drama teacher to young learners in grades 1 – 3 in August 2023 at Primakov Gymnasium. My mission is to ignite a passion for performing and a love of theatre and acting.

Prior to this, it is a long story. Google knows the truth, for the most part. Ask me, don’t be shy. I am an open book.

“We think too much and feel too little.”

  • Charlie Chaplin


“Talking isn’t doing”

Vocal training, role play, mindfulness, visualization, body language, communication skills, appareciation of the arts, mental agility & more.

20+ years of teaching, training experience in Ireland, Japan, Russia


actor, presenter, voice actor

10+ years experience dubbing, creating powerful corporate online video content, acting in Russian film and on stage in English theatre. Completed audio books , training content and gaming projects for Channel One & MTC

people and business

coaching, mentoring

7+ years experience in Ireland developing and delivering “Be Your Own Boss” training programmes to new entrepreneurs. Coaching clients globally in powerfully presenting , mindfulness,business planning & more.